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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Have a nice day ~~

The day we badly wait for, the day we plan to do almost all the things in the world, the day which starts really late and ends with a sigh and a pang in the heart...the shortest day of the week!!

I wait for you patiently every Monday, every Tuesday, every day of the week...come again and this time last a little longer please ^_^

Keep It Clean, Go Green ...

Does it really feel weird to take a broom and clean sweep your room! If the answer is yes, please don't consider reading this further coz I've nothing great to offer you. But one piece of advice, shake that ego off your shoulder and get down to the basics. And hang on, if your answer is a no. I can share my dream with you though a little far-fetched. 

How about taking it on us to sweep the lanes and by-lanes around our house once a week. Big deal is it! Would it hurt your ego! Imagine every household getting busy with the brooms and mops once week to clean their surrounding. When you know you are the one to clean it, you'll surely put efforts to keep it clean as well. And it's not just about cleanliness, the mutual love for one another, the feeling of brotherhood, naturally would get evoked. Will it not make our world a better place to live in. Sure it would.

Is this like asking for much! Cleaner surroundings, healthy living, smiling faces and a glowing future for all...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being a Girl ...

No it doesn't take anything to be a girl. Just a little bit of patience to bear the world and keep it going despite all the odds. Trust me girls are the blessed gender. We can look good, we can talk good, we can heal you, we can kill you, you name it and we can do it.

I cherish every moment of growing up as a girl. The toddler days when I would nonchalantly bring out all the stuff from my mom's kitty and paint my face to glory, wear my sister's clothes in an attempt to look older, would wear those frilly frocks and sit pretty on my dad's lap, would be beaten up by my cousin brother and yet not utter a word for we loved each other a lot (and we still do), would be mad enough to consider marrying the milkman for the unfailing love I had for milk, and bathing my dolls and soft toys with shampoo water and the zillion other stupid things I would indulge in.

Little older yet a kiddo, with the dream of growing old and being in college. Those days were of making dad buy all kinds of gawdy accessories for me, fighting with mom over the silliest of things, and sharing gossips and also creating enough of them with my sister. From pre-nursery to school to college to grad school, the journey has been so special and growing up a girl I believe made all the difference.

We surely make a difference to the lives we brush through everyday. And why not we are the special ones. We can smile and get away with almost anything, can't we? So why not celebrate the joys of being a girl and take a pledge to make every girl feel special. Today and forever save me, save your sister, save your friend, save the girl child. She needs you, as much as you need her.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Umm...I think...well...why not...yea...

My mind is soo cluttered with thoughts. My fingers itch to pen down a few words.Wondering what to write, wondering what not to write!

Should I write about yesterday's celebration of my kid sister's b'day, or should I write about how Anna continues to inspire people around the nation, or may be how I feel about the rising food inflation, or may be about how I intend to spend the day today since I've taken an off from work, or else about a special friend of mine.

Let me decide and get back with it in the next post.

A Promise Made...

The above picture pretty much speaks for itself. My lappy I'm sure feels abandoned and utterly deserted. Also the system keyword misses the tender touch of my fingers, (read swift and unruly tapping on their heads). The monitor though gets to see glimpses of it, she IS missed terribly. Yes by she I mean my blog! It's time that I update my blog more often. Wondering how do I do that! Do I start blogging from the phone or from office! Nah...then shall I hire someone to write on behalf of me!! Who cares to! :( I promise myself to blog more often from now on.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

La la laa laaaaa...

Feeling blue, bored, babbled!!! The age old therapy still continues to do wonders!

Soak yourself in music for hours till you're completely drenched in it. Music does wonders to me! It makes me feel good, loved, happy and much more. I am sure it does similar wonders to many. It lifts up the spirit making you feel perked up and years younger.

Good music can release one from the tyranny of conscious thoughts. It speaks a thousand words. But it makes the ultimate powerful combination when combined with meaningful lyrics.

Lyrics reminds me of a hundred songs I've grown up listening to. The ones from 'Sound of Music' are the undisputed winners. 'These are a few of my favourite things', 'So long farewell', 'Do-Re-Mi', or be it 'I am 16 going on 17, I know that i'm naive', are few of those songs that bring back fond and happy memories of school.

Music also reminds me of the christmas songs and the ones learnt in school. Then came the high school years of Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Spice Girls and Bollywood freaky numbers. From here on, bollywood chartbusters remained a constant favourite. In college, I discovered my love for a greater variety of music. I started listening to more of Evanescence, Ronan Keating, Air Supply and the like. I also always loved to listen to Indian classical and ghazals. In post-grads, I developed liking for the typical Punjabi numbers, not much for lyrics but certainly for the tempo and enthusiam that the songs exude.

Oh did I forget to mention about my everlasting love for one lady called Celine Dion!! I completely admire her and I wish I could sing even a bit like her.

I wish...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not Fair...

“The responsibility lies with us, whether we are okay with being taken for a ride or can we be a bit smart about it?” This is an extract from a friend’s blog that got me thinking. 

We have been seasoned to think that fair is good and dark…no way. As a result every Indian girl aspires to get a tone lighter every day. We use a sunscreen not to protect ourselves from skin cancer but to avoid tanning. We are more bothered about getting a fair skin than a healthy skin. Now what I’m wondering is whether the various fairness cream and lotion advertisements are a result of this Indian psyche or they are actually molding it in a way to make people aspire for fairer skin. Relating fairness with success in career and love is a complete bullshit, but there are certainly takers for these kinds of promotion as well. 

This takes me back to ‘consumer behaviour’ lessons learnt during MBA. Those who have read about means-ends chain model in consumer motivation would know what I’m trying to point at. This model provides a framework to the marketers through which they use a feedback loop to understand consumer motivation, build brand/product strategy and create marketing techniques. Let me try and build the ladder for a fairness cream.

Fairness Cream -> Fair Skin -> Look Good -> Self Confidence -> Perform Better -> Social Acceptance -> Success/Happiness

Almost every product or service created so far and which has a market is because people derive some value from it. But fairness cream advertisers need to be a little bit more sensible in designing their ads. Creativity should be smart, subtle and not dumb or straight on the face. 

A couple of years ago, the GoI tried to stop airing of such ads that promote fairness creams on the premise that these are demeaning to women and promote complexion prejudices, but that didn’t bear fruits. Below is a snapshot of ad-spend of companies like HUL and Emami on such skin whitening creams.

It is for sure that this trend is here to stay; the only concern is why are these ads not made in a dignified way. People who have seen the 9X fairness cream ad would know how demeaning and insensible an ad can be! I’m putting up the 9X ad for my readers. Have fun and pity us while watching. Now going back to where I started, it is time we get a little smarter and be proud of what we are, be it anything, the skin tone, the language, the food or the culture.  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Missing You...


Not that I wasn't expecting this but its magnitude I couldn't correctly estimate. Suddenly life has changed, changed in a big way. Lot of things to be done and undone. The pace of life in a flash has increased by leaps and bounds. And the obvious fallout is -- lot of things are being overlooked and neglected. My blog is one of the many who have met with the same fate. I miss blogging like anything. :( 

Waiting for things to get aligned and  for me to get back to things I love to do! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Loveliest Gift Ever!

My cousin sister wrote this small piece of poetry for me sometime back! This is worth a thousand dollars so thought of putting it up on the blog. Every time I read this I feel soo happy. It's so cute, touching and funny. She is one great kiddo sis I have got and can bet the best one. 

Thanks a lot Puuchhkooo :)

Baisakhi Greetings to All ~~


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Food for Thought...

They did it in style, created history and made every Indian proud of himself. The spectacular win has left all spellbound and made it impossible to praise the team enough. A win at home, chasing the highest ever total of a world cup final, recovering after the loss of the two biggies, and a stunning six as the victory shot, they did it all to make it a big event and a moment in the history India. But hold on, is the World Cup win big enough for the men of authority in the nation to go irrational. ‘Netas’ of our country within seconds decided to reward the cricketers with cash and plots of land. Was the prize money not enough for the players that the Government decided to part with the taxpayer’s money at its own fancy?

While Sheila Dixit announced a crore rupees for the Delhi players, Maharashtra government promised the same for their men, and the Karnataka Government assured a plot to each team member. This act of the Government officials provokes only one question in my mind, ‘Are you paying it from your own pocket?’ The answer is an obvious no! If they had to draw cheques on their Swiss accounts, I’m sure they would have spared a moment to do up their finances. It doesn’t hurt to spend or squander someone else’s hard earned money.
It’s a shame on the Indian Government. A country where around 37% of the population is below the poverty line, farmers in and around AP and various other states in the country are committing suicide for land issues, millions of people in West Bengal have turned the footpaths into their abode, pre-natal deaths still occur due to medical negligence in states of Bihar and UP, do we have surplus wealth to shower on people. If yes why not take up these challenges, utilize the money rationally and make India a little bit cleaner and healthier. The Indian democracy was created with a vision to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots but on the contrary it has played a big role in actually widening the gap. I wish the GoI was a wee bit more responsible and foresighted. I believe running a Government is not the job of an emotionally weak person and our ‘netas’ have proved themselves to excel in that. They have failed miserable at the test of integrity and faith.
What came as even more surprising is the fact that much of the money promised by the ‘netas’ is going to come from the state education budget. I’m lost for words! Aren’t you! The people who shoulder the responsibility to make a brighter future and a better nation are playing with the money allotted for something as pious as education. Are these ‘netas’ thick skinned or dumb-head! With the election nearing, I wish the All Mighty inculcates in them value and integrity. At this point in time if the Indian cricketers deny the loving gifts of the ‘netas’, it will be a bigger victory for India and the youth.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Visual Tour of My City

The city of joy, the erstwhile capital of British India, Calcutta, a mix of many cultures and coloured in many hues. The city holds up for its visitors and residents a smooth blend of the old and the new.

Here's a visual tour of my city, hope you'll enjoy it~~

The Then Calcutta:

The Howrah Bridge connects the corners of the city across the river Hoogly. If you happen to take the train to this city, the bustle of Howrah station is sure to raise your spirit.

Howrah Bridge over the Hoogly River

The basic modes of transport in Calcutta have always been the yellow coloured ambassador 'taxis', the buses, the rickshaws, metro and the 'tram'.
Hand-pulled Rickshaw
Calcutta Metro (the first in India - 1986)

Places in the South and Central Kolkata will self narrate the history of the city and also that of India. The colonial relic is still intact in the form of architecture of buildings in these areas and the names of the street.

Victoria Memorial Palace (Maidan)

Birla Planetarium (Theatre Road)

Calcutta High Court (Dalhousie Square)

Raj Bhavan (Dalhousie Square)

Writers' Building (Dalhousie Square)

The different places that you just saw above give the city its identity. The Shahid Minar, the horse-drawn carriages outside the Victoria Memorial, a view of the Raj Bhawan, a visit to the Indian Museum (the largest Museum in the country), the National Library (largest library in the country) are a must for anyone who comes to this city.

Kolkata is a city that truly cares. The St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Birla temple, the Kalighat temple, Dakshineshwar temple, Belur Math, Nakhoda Mosque or the Golmandir Gurudwara, each of these places speak for the strong religious sentiments of the city. Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity or Nirmal Hriday are places that add extra warmth and care.

St. Pauls Cathedral (Cathedral Road)

Dakshineshwar Temple

Belur Math

Esplanade used to be the shopping hub for decades till the concept of posh malls and departmental stores arrived. This place is at the heart of the city and you'll get to see occasional visitors from different countries shopping from the Grand arcade stalls and trying 'gola' and 'phuchka'. You name a thing and you'll surely get it over here. The 'New Market' is as old as the city is, so don't get misled by the name. Other shopping malls would include 'Treasure Island' and 'Shree Ram Arcade'.


Star Theatre

Among the oldest and five star hotels in the city are 'Oberoi Grand', 'Taj Bengal' and 'Great Eastern'.

Oberoi Grand Hotel

Taj Bengal Hotel

In this city it's not just about people with a big heart but also big appetite. There's tremendous love for good food among the Calcuttans. There's possibly no cuisine that you'll not get here. Park Street in the southern Kolkata has some of the finest and oldest restaurants of the city.

Kwality (Park Street)

Moulin Rouge (Park Street)

Today's Kolkata:

Gone are the days of shopping from standalone shops of Esplanade and Gariahat. Today in every nook and corner you'll find an exquisite shopping mall. And moreover it's no more just about shopping, it's about meeting up with friends and hanging around as well.

City Centre 2 (Rajarhat)

South City Mall (Prince Anwar Shah Road)

International Airport

With rise in trade and commerce, almost all aspects of the city has undergone major changes. Hoteliers have also come up with luxury hotel chains for business and leisure stay.

Hyatt Residency

ITC Sonar Bangla

Ganga Kutir (Raichak)

Kolkata is also one of the many Indian cities touched by the IT revolution. The small, medium, big, huge IT firms have changed the face of the city to a large extent. The high rise buildings are symbolic of the urban youth.

IT Park (Salt lake, Sec V)

This was more of how the city looks like but trust me it's more than what meets the eye. One needs to come and stay here to know the real Calcutta. This city has a much longer history compared to other large Indian cities. Calcutta along with Bombay reached a million population by 1910 and developed at a similar time as New York, London and Berlin.

It is a herculean task to capture the true essence of the city so old and dynamic in a few words. It also has its share of things that are harassing, annoying, exasperating, irritating, and can literally make u mad, but at the end of it, it's my city and no matter where I go, I'll always long to be back in Kolkata for what it is and much more.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Day in the Life of India...

The perfect weekend, and an incredible start to the new year; 2nd April 2011 witnessed an uncontrollable outburst of emotions of billions of Indians across the globe as Dhoni, the Indian skipper hit the winning six in the CWC finale. Cricket is a game for all Indians. One doesn't need to know the technicalities or the tricks-of-the game to enjoy it. And when it comes to a nail-biting match like that of yesterday's, anticipations, hopes, prayers and excitement know no bound.

I wonder how a feeling it must be for the Indian Captain and his team. Many a thousand people experience professional success, but for how many does the entire nation celebrates! They have put smiles on billion faces, and in turn bagged their blessings and good wishes. I'm in complete awe of the entire affair. It was amazing watching the men in uniform dismantling the Sri Lankan army. A sure treat to the eyes and senses, both team played with dignity and style. Yes, we won at the end, but what makes it a special win is the journey of victory. Be it the match against the Aussies in the QF, Pakistan in the SF or the Lankans in the final, the Indian cricket team has set newer standards for themselves and the world.

Today we are the undisputed leaders, the world champions in cricket! There's a twinkle in every eye, smile on every face, a leap in every step, a song in every heart, and an ambition in every Indian, long live India and her children. Three cheers to usssss!!! :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Practice has made me almost perfect. 'Vanilla sponge cake with dry fruits and choco-chips', yes perfect at baking a good cake. Lol. Over the last couple of weeks, I've baked more than a dozen cakes, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and also tested my fate with different shapes, tower, square, round. At times it would get a little crunchy and at others it would become a little gooey. No matter what I enjoyed it every time. Every time I learnt something new, be it the right mix and proportion of ingredients, the right way to beat the mixture, the right texture of the batter, or the appropriate time for baking.

I'm haappiiieeeeeeeee :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

In India it is 'C' for Cricket not Cat!

Cricket World Cup, the most awaited event for the cricket playing nations of the world, imagine what it can do to India, where people eat, sleep and drink cricket. India has been and will always be a cricket fanatic nation with people worshiping both the game and the players. But one thing I fail to fathom is the men and cricket connection. To me it looks like one of those umbilical cord relationships. I've seen men swearing by the game. Even the most serious man at work would keep checking the scores on the Internet every moment. The ever so techie urban men also become utterly superstitious. So much so that if lifting of their right arm suddenly and a sixer or a wicket for India coincide at the same mini-second, they can keep that arm in the air for hours in the hope of another six or a wicket.

To capture the enthusiasm of Indians in words is hell of a task. There are days of unofficial holiday when work ceases in offices and factories, the streets witness no motion. Be it the shops around the corners of the street, the latest shopping mall, the plush lounge bar, the spectacle everywhere is the same, a TV screen small, big or huge with numerous eyeballs fixed on it. A sudden feeling of brotherhood creeps into everyone. Even someone like me who doesn't bother to follow even a critical match very closely, can make out every moment of it from a closed room by the sound of yelling, hooting, cheering and sighing that goes on around and the bursting of fire crackers confirm that we have won!

Now that India has made it to the semi-finals of the CWC 2011 after a spectacular match against the Aussies, the entire nation is geared up for even a bigger play with Pakistan. I won't be surprised if the GoI declares a holiday on 30th March! Lol.

Friday, March 25, 2011

To My Friends

'Friendship is a golden knot that ties two hearts together and if you do not break the knot, you're friends forever'. This is just one of those innumerable quotes I used to scribble on the greeting cards for my friends decades ago. Today when I look back, I realise the knot that I used to so casually and confidently boast about as a child, is really a fragile one. I made many friends, in every phase of life, but not many could I hold onto. At times I lost friends for some reason I guess unknown to both of us, and then I lost friends for my own negligence.

In school I had an amazing gang of girls, we used to hang around, party and play together. Three of us actually formed a formal gang and called it TSG girls team. We did all sorts of crazy stuff like enacting poems, making sanctuary passes, and much more. Not that I've lost them but life has put miles between us. Miss you T & S and those crazy days of fun. I also got my bestest friend in school. Surprisingly we also happened to look similar. I did wrong to her, but it's never too late to accept it and make up. I love you D.

In high school, I got S as my closest buddy. We used to go to the gym together, hog together, and have mad fun in whatever way possible. Today I want to rewind and live those days again with S. Another S, a lawyer by profession, a very docile, innocent, and beautiful looking girl. Even today I know I can just pick up the phone, key in her number and go on talking endlessly. That's what makes our friendship stand out, ain't it.

Three years of college was more of anything but college. My close friends happened to be a new S and a new T. This phase of life today seems to be the fastest of all and today I have no communication with my the then best pals of college. How I wish I could have everyone forever with me.

Moving on, post-grad again offered me a bundle of new friends. I always believe in having few but the best. My friends defined life for me. We proudly called ourselves family, a bunch of good 10-12 people. Over the years, the family got restructured, some always remained, while some made quick others made slow exit, and some joined afresh. At the end of 2years, it seems it was the best that could have happened. I have friends who are selflessly mine. I know they are just a call away. We might not talk for days, but when we do, we connect.

Life has changed beyond the campus and it will never be the same again. The one thing I want to remain constant in my life, is my friends. I hope I'll never lose you guys. I might not be right always, I might falter, but that shouldn't weaken the bond between us. I love you all!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Holi...

Holi when I was a kid used to be a much awaited festival. Filling those baloons with coloured water and splashing them at each other was so much fun. My cousin brother without fail would turn up at our place every year with all the goodies. The three of us then, my sister, brother and I would go all mad with colours.

I miss those days of fun. I miss the sudden splash of colours on my head, the forceful hands of my brothers and sister smearing colour on my face, throwing baloons at strangers, the joyful banter echoing through the corridors, the post holi photo sessions and much more. I wish I could reverse time and get back to those days of childhood. I wish...

Here's wishing everyone a very happy and colourful holi. Play, eat, drink and have fun!! O_o

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ultimate Cake Off

Lately I find myself hooked on to TLC (the TV channel), I kind of like all the shows, be it 'Travel India with Harsha Bhogle', 'Man vs. Wild', 'Family Food Fight', 'Sarah Pahlin's Alaska' or 'Hell's Kitchen'. The one that has caught my fancy is 'Ultimate Cake Off' show. In this show, cake artists take on the challenge to make one ultimate cake each. These cakes are over 5ft in height and weighs a few hundreds of pounds. Every week they have different themes to fit a marquee event where the cake that wins is showcased. Today I happened to watch two episodes, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. In the first one, the theme was the 'Ringley Bros. & Barnum Bailey's Zing Zang Zoom Circus' and in the later it was a fairytale themed american wedding.

I was thrilled and amazed to the core to watch the different teams make and bake cakes of unimaginable shapes and sizes. It is more about building cakes than making one. I also loved the concept of cake artists and they indeed displayed some artistic skills. Giants forms with carousel, edible flowers, ribbons, photos, moving wheels, and many more, it is sure a treat for the eyes. Though these cakes look magnificent and larger than life, they also happen to please the taste buds.

And now that I've seen something like that, I wonder why I cannot take up a profession that is rare yet exciting. A profession that wouldn't require you to dress up formally, speak like you are the most intelligent girl around, read up pages of reports and understand junk of data and analytics. Wonder how would it be like doing post-grads in cake artistry, or beer brewing, or florist consulting. I'm sure the experience would be one of a kind, but not everyone can dare.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Look at Life through My Eyes...

Life is about small sacrifices that each one of us make every moment, every day. Sacrifices that initially make us a little unnerved and anxious, but eventually make life just a little bit more worth living. Sacrifice that we otherwise in a more regular way call compromise.

There's one school of thought that preaches, life is just another name for compromise. One has to compromise on different things in different circumstances, and that is the law of nature. While on the other hand, the modern society, the so-called more upbeat and westernised gen-Y loves to believe compromise is a thing of the past and takes pride in living life on their own terms. I'm little torn between the two thoughts for I certainly cannot compromise on everything but when it comes to my dear-ones, I can certainly compromise on anything.

I am sure many of us have faced situations in life which left them puzzled and torn. Umm...say you've a lunch date with your soo beautiful girlfriend, then suddenly you remember it's your granny's birthday. Would you not leave that plan behind and rather spend a lovely afternoon with your granny! Say you've a very prestigious and lucrative job and suddenly your husband gets a better employment in another country, would you not leave your job and be a part of his happiness!! Say, you are enjoying a wonderful life with your wife and kid in another city but your parents who are aging wants you to come back to them, would you not go back even if it means less fun and less money!!

Yes, compromise it is! It comes with a lot of arguments and counter arguments but one thing it surely does is, it leaves a smile on everyone's face. Small little things of ours that we give up for the sake of others, makes life brighter and beautiful.

Let's move away from emotions and look at life from another prism. Where do we stand today in terms of restoring the ecological balance and world peace! World GDP is rising, inflationary trends are more controlled, employment opportunities are on the rise, nations are opening up their economies to the world, enough of macro-economic indicators reflect that world over the last few decades, has become a better place to live in. But the numbers to capture the other side of the story. The story that links up man's quest for power, wealth and refusal to compromise.

The kind of terrorism that lulls over us today was unknown in the primitive world where man was naive and selfless. It also makes me think that the catastrophe of natural calamities the world is facing today is also an outcome of our refusal to compromise.

Life is a blessing, a gift of God. Let's treasure it and make it beautiful for us and for all. Let's not regret, not curse any. Let's love life for what it is. Let's do what it takes to make it worth living, compromise be it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

For You, D...

Not exactly my best buddy but that doesn’t make me admire this one girl any less. She defines energy, intelligence, hard-work, sincerity, dedication, perfection, undaunted courage, a high spirit, a strong will and the right determination to go where she wants to. Over the two years of schooling, I interacted with her in different circumstances, and never did she cease to make me smile or make me a wee bit more confident about myself. I got acquainted with her in SEM2, watched her participating in every class with the same enthusiasm. In projects she again demonstrated her best self. Always being on time and going the extra mile to gather the knowledge and put it in the best place to showcase it as well. To me she stood for professionalism. She knew how much she had to do, and did precisely that much with perfection.

In SEM4 by luck we got the same class for brand management, but this time I found her to be a little mellowed down. Don’t know if it was the placement or something else. She spoke less in class and reflected less aggression, but when she did, she was the same confident girl. A close to 9 pointer, an engineer with 3 years of work-ex prior to graduation, she exactly knew what she wants in terms of a job and her career. It’s not just about package; it’s about the work, the profile. She would tell me she doesn’t want to get into something which she’ll not enjoy and within a few days get desperate to leave it. No banks or no selling job for this lady. I can vouch for her analytical and verbal skills and I’m sure, today or tomorrow you’ll make it big in the Consulting industry. I wish and pray that you go higher and higher in life and get everything you can ever ask for. I remember the night we prepared for Universal Consulting together, it was fun!

P.S. Now keep reading my posts and visiting my blogs more often!Lol

Monday, March 7, 2011

Optimism is the Key to Happy Living, is it Not!!

'All's Well That Ends Well', what if something doesn't end well!! The most certain of all reactions or outcome would be the feeling of rejection or failure.

Yes, at this point in time, I am feeling bad for a certain thing which didn't really end on a good note. In my mind's eye I'm stabbing the man who's kind of responsible for it. But does that mean the entire journey wasn't worth it! Does it make me any bit less of what I wanted to be!

Every journey has its own story to narrate, strewn with memories, teachings and emotions. Whether or not the journey has been a smooth one or a turbulent one, the end is just the end in itself.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Change is the Only Constant!

No I'm not trying to delve into what Heraclitus had said thousands of years ago. It's long that everyone has accepted it as a fact for their own good!! Umm...the truth is I couldn't think of a better title for this post.

When I used to be a small kid, in my free time I used to make scrap books, and little things of crafts like puzzle pieces, photo frames, mats and many more. I also used to take lessons of Classical music and whenever free I would stretch my vocals cords. That is not all, as a kid, I used to go for French classes, Yoga, Karate, Painting, Table Tennis, and Bharatnatyam. Sounds like quite a versatile kid, eh! However, one thing I always enjoyed doing was using my imagination to make things out of scrap or waste.

My interests became a little diverse with age, and I started taking keen interest in chatting up, gossiping, and partying with friends. One day it would be cooking party, and on the other it would be an end-of-exam party. We never had any dearth of ideas to have fun!! Reciting poems and enacting them or be it making sanctuary passes for our girl's team, we always had so much to do!

In high school my interest further shifted to material comforts, sms'ing' friends,decking up, going to the gym and yess eating. It was during this time I fell in love with the idea of 'live to eat'. I would hog with my friends every now and then. I started enjoying non-sense talk and would also indulge in them like a pro.

Now I was a grown up lady, new into college and like any of my counterparts, I fell in love with the idea of shopping. Shopping emerged to be the new found religion for me. Occasion-no occasion, money-no money, class-no class, morning or night, somebody had to just utter the word and I would happily tag along. It was during this time that I developed an intense curiosity for cooking as well. I would bring out whatever is there in the refrigerator and cut, chop, beat, fry, or bake them to make something edible.

Suddenly I started doing more serious stuff, I started working! Surprisingly my interests didn't change much in this phase. Shopping fever just grew more intense, now that I had more money. Apart from this, I would spend the later part of my days either reading or blogging. I started reading more of non-fiction and biographies. Soon I realised I had to do something bigger.

I landed up in one of the better b-schools of India. Life changed, but for good. Moved out of home, far far away from family. It was difficult, but not just for me. It was difficult for everyone, for I had classmates who were 3 years elder as well as 3 years younger to me. In a b-school, hobbies got redefined. The only two things kind of remained constant were 'eating' and 'shopping'.

The newest thing that happened to me was, I was bitten by the movie bug and became faithful to the most perfect of all lazy hobbies, watching movies (courtesy two very special people). One would arrange the best movies, for he has seen all of it, and the other would make me sit through an entire movie and make me watch every scene, for she is also extremely fond of movies (read: good movies).

Two years back I could not imagine myself sitting in front of the laptop glued to the screen watching a movie. Things are mighty changed now. Movies have opened up a new world to me. I marvel at the kind of things that are to be seen, the level of imagination of the West, the actors for how they get into the soul of the character they play!! I am inspired and thrilled to the hilt.

I am enjoying this change of hobby, be it a lazy one!! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Start!!

I thought I lost it...

It was one of the most prized possessions I thought I could ever have. I had spent sleepless nights working on it, putting up plug-ins, changing the themes and layouts till it reflected my true being. Playing around with my blog used to be my favourite pastime. I let all my emotions (read: mostly anger) flow on the little lifeless piece.

It's not that I was/am a terrific writer, it was more about an expedition to explore something new, do something I never did before. Even before I realised, it became my way of life. Whenever I wanted to think aloud, I blogged. Whenever something surprising or unusual happened to me, I blogged. Whenever I wanted to beat up someone madly, I blogged.

Over time it evolved to be an extremely complicated activity, with the potential to challenge the split-brain theory. And yes I loved it when my friends left behind a few thoughts on my every post, I loved it when arguments would be raised on it, I loved it when the number of unique visitors increased from tens to hundreds to thousands, I just loved it.

Now I have a feeling that I'm going to love all of it, all over again!! No more searching for what is lost, no more trials of fixing what is already damaged. Here it is, once again. May be not a personal domain, but nothing less either. I am going to blog again. Yiipppiiieeee ^_^