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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Umm...I think...well...why not...yea...

My mind is soo cluttered with thoughts. My fingers itch to pen down a few words.Wondering what to write, wondering what not to write!

Should I write about yesterday's celebration of my kid sister's b'day, or should I write about how Anna continues to inspire people around the nation, or may be how I feel about the rising food inflation, or may be about how I intend to spend the day today since I've taken an off from work, or else about a special friend of mine.

Let me decide and get back with it in the next post.

A Promise Made...

The above picture pretty much speaks for itself. My lappy I'm sure feels abandoned and utterly deserted. Also the system keyword misses the tender touch of my fingers, (read swift and unruly tapping on their heads). The monitor though gets to see glimpses of it, she IS missed terribly. Yes by she I mean my blog! It's time that I update my blog more often. Wondering how do I do that! Do I start blogging from the phone or from office! Nah...then shall I hire someone to write on behalf of me!! Who cares to! :( I promise myself to blog more often from now on.