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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Call

Almost a year from my last post. Wondering why I did not do something what I once so loved to do. I'm not a writer, but I always enjoyed scribbling. So now I shut myself off from everything else and try and share what is going on in my mind.

I got a call from within. It is like a call that will shook you in the head and tell you, this all you want from this how you wanted things to be. 

We tend to absorb ourselves in the daily glitches of life and loose ourselves somewhere there. Mundane routines become our way of life and we give our best to better the routine every second. For some work becomes the priority while some merge themselves in the households. Our lives start and ends with either presentations, meetings, and appraisals or breakfast, maid, and laundry. Life becomes a checklist. But is this what we really want it to be. 

While we are too busy doing our routine tasks, we miss out on the smaller events of life. If we ever carefully look at life, the insignificant events and unnoticeable incidents have tons of happiness stored in them. We look for happiness outside when life gives us enough opportunities to create happiness. There is one thing I particularly do not like about us, and that is our disobliging habit of complicating everything around us, be it a situation or a relationship. Is it really that difficult to be simple. I fail to understand why we form opinions about people. I really think by being simple and honest in our ways and thoughts, we can make our lives and  of our near ones much better and happier. It is a good idea to break routine and do things that you really want to. And also at times do the 'do-nots', of course with a bit of caution. 

This day was rather dull and boring, but I'm feeling good after blogging for a while. I should come again to do some scribbling. It is a good therapy after shopping. :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Change Is The Only Constant (Part II)

In the journey of life, even when you are not certain of your destination, how much you've already traveled, at what speed you're moving, one thing you can be sure of is, the next milestone reads 'change ahead'. Time and again life teaches us that 'change is really the only constant'. The moment we sit relax and think life is under our absolute control, there is a jolt and we sit erect only to quickly adapt ourselves to the changes around us.


Happy to come back home, back to the comfort of my own city, in the proximity of my loving parents, oh and with a decent job. What more could I have asked for from dear life! Life was good. Home made delicious lunch, nice colleagues and a level headed boss at work, mom waiting eagerly at home in the evening, and a doting bf in another city ;) simple and easy life. I was in my comfort zone, living days as they came. Having fun was about spending time with mom, dad and cousins on weekends, to shop after office and eat out with friends. Thus went past 2 whole years of my life and suddenly I found myself standing at the threshold of maidenhood. Marriage was the word buzzing around. On one hand it was excitement and on the other, the terrible feeling of again leaving home.

Days seemed to roll by fast with riots of emotions raging inside my heart every moment, an unending list of pending tasks at work and the so obvious 'bridal mania' in my head. In the snap of a finger and blink of an eye, the wedding day came and went by; and today I'm almost 2 months married, working and managing household in an altogether new city. This is a new lease of life, different, with a lot of responsibility, expectation and happiness of course; someone to share everything with and a city to live new things. This one change is the most sweetest one till date; the only pang that I feel is of staying away from parents.

I'm sure there is a change ready to knock on my door again. Umm... I wonder if Life was a flesh and blood man, how would he manage with this ever changing identity.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whatever ...

The day looks dull to the extent I cannot explain. I'm on a deliberate mission to do nothing, JUST nothing.I don't know I feel really tired and bored. Banks are on some weird strike; ATMs are shut and I'm out of money. Ugghhhh... If this makes you feel like as if I'm a fat ass who does nothing but warms the chair for a good 8-9 hours in office, well then you're grossly wrong. This day is different and of course I mean in a bad way. Some papers on the table, an open file, a writing pad, the desk phone, oh God literally everything seem to be staring at me! What I need right now is to listen to some good music and relax, which I cannot being stuck in office. How I hate this! And guess what, my cubicle is right infront of my boss's cabin. Can somebody show some mercy on me?!?!?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Have a nice day ~~

The day we badly wait for, the day we plan to do almost all the things in the world, the day which starts really late and ends with a sigh and a pang in the heart...the shortest day of the week!!

I wait for you patiently every Monday, every Tuesday, every day of the week...come again and this time last a little longer please ^_^

Keep It Clean, Go Green ...

Does it really feel weird to take a broom and clean sweep your room! If the answer is yes, please don't consider reading this further coz I've nothing great to offer you. But one piece of advice, shake that ego off your shoulder and get down to the basics. And hang on, if your answer is a no. I can share my dream with you though a little far-fetched. 

How about taking it on us to sweep the lanes and by-lanes around our house once a week. Big deal is it! Would it hurt your ego! Imagine every household getting busy with the brooms and mops once week to clean their surrounding. When you know you are the one to clean it, you'll surely put efforts to keep it clean as well. And it's not just about cleanliness, the mutual love for one another, the feeling of brotherhood, naturally would get evoked. Will it not make our world a better place to live in. Sure it would.

Is this like asking for much! Cleaner surroundings, healthy living, smiling faces and a glowing future for all...