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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being a Girl ...

No it doesn't take anything to be a girl. Just a little bit of patience to bear the world and keep it going despite all the odds. Trust me girls are the blessed gender. We can look good, we can talk good, we can heal you, we can kill you, you name it and we can do it.

I cherish every moment of growing up as a girl. The toddler days when I would nonchalantly bring out all the stuff from my mom's kitty and paint my face to glory, wear my sister's clothes in an attempt to look older, would wear those frilly frocks and sit pretty on my dad's lap, would be beaten up by my cousin brother and yet not utter a word for we loved each other a lot (and we still do), would be mad enough to consider marrying the milkman for the unfailing love I had for milk, and bathing my dolls and soft toys with shampoo water and the zillion other stupid things I would indulge in.

Little older yet a kiddo, with the dream of growing old and being in college. Those days were of making dad buy all kinds of gawdy accessories for me, fighting with mom over the silliest of things, and sharing gossips and also creating enough of them with my sister. From pre-nursery to school to college to grad school, the journey has been so special and growing up a girl I believe made all the difference.

We surely make a difference to the lives we brush through everyday. And why not we are the special ones. We can smile and get away with almost anything, can't we? So why not celebrate the joys of being a girl and take a pledge to make every girl feel special. Today and forever save me, save your sister, save your friend, save the girl child. She needs you, as much as you need her.

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Rachit said...

tot agree.. girls are the better ones.. they make life happy :)

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