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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Keep It Clean, Go Green ...

Does it really feel weird to take a broom and clean sweep your room! If the answer is yes, please don't consider reading this further coz I've nothing great to offer you. But one piece of advice, shake that ego off your shoulder and get down to the basics. And hang on, if your answer is a no. I can share my dream with you though a little far-fetched. 

How about taking it on us to sweep the lanes and by-lanes around our house once a week. Big deal is it! Would it hurt your ego! Imagine every household getting busy with the brooms and mops once week to clean their surrounding. When you know you are the one to clean it, you'll surely put efforts to keep it clean as well. And it's not just about cleanliness, the mutual love for one another, the feeling of brotherhood, naturally would get evoked. Will it not make our world a better place to live in. Sure it would.

Is this like asking for much! Cleaner surroundings, healthy living, smiling faces and a glowing future for all...

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