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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ultimate Cake Off

Lately I find myself hooked on to TLC (the TV channel), I kind of like all the shows, be it 'Travel India with Harsha Bhogle', 'Man vs. Wild', 'Family Food Fight', 'Sarah Pahlin's Alaska' or 'Hell's Kitchen'. The one that has caught my fancy is 'Ultimate Cake Off' show. In this show, cake artists take on the challenge to make one ultimate cake each. These cakes are over 5ft in height and weighs a few hundreds of pounds. Every week they have different themes to fit a marquee event where the cake that wins is showcased. Today I happened to watch two episodes, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. In the first one, the theme was the 'Ringley Bros. & Barnum Bailey's Zing Zang Zoom Circus' and in the later it was a fairytale themed american wedding.

I was thrilled and amazed to the core to watch the different teams make and bake cakes of unimaginable shapes and sizes. It is more about building cakes than making one. I also loved the concept of cake artists and they indeed displayed some artistic skills. Giants forms with carousel, edible flowers, ribbons, photos, moving wheels, and many more, it is sure a treat for the eyes. Though these cakes look magnificent and larger than life, they also happen to please the taste buds.

And now that I've seen something like that, I wonder why I cannot take up a profession that is rare yet exciting. A profession that wouldn't require you to dress up formally, speak like you are the most intelligent girl around, read up pages of reports and understand junk of data and analytics. Wonder how would it be like doing post-grads in cake artistry, or beer brewing, or florist consulting. I'm sure the experience would be one of a kind, but not everyone can dare.