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Monday, March 14, 2011

For You, D...

Not exactly my best buddy but that doesn’t make me admire this one girl any less. She defines energy, intelligence, hard-work, sincerity, dedication, perfection, undaunted courage, a high spirit, a strong will and the right determination to go where she wants to. Over the two years of schooling, I interacted with her in different circumstances, and never did she cease to make me smile or make me a wee bit more confident about myself. I got acquainted with her in SEM2, watched her participating in every class with the same enthusiasm. In projects she again demonstrated her best self. Always being on time and going the extra mile to gather the knowledge and put it in the best place to showcase it as well. To me she stood for professionalism. She knew how much she had to do, and did precisely that much with perfection.

In SEM4 by luck we got the same class for brand management, but this time I found her to be a little mellowed down. Don’t know if it was the placement or something else. She spoke less in class and reflected less aggression, but when she did, she was the same confident girl. A close to 9 pointer, an engineer with 3 years of work-ex prior to graduation, she exactly knew what she wants in terms of a job and her career. It’s not just about package; it’s about the work, the profile. She would tell me she doesn’t want to get into something which she’ll not enjoy and within a few days get desperate to leave it. No banks or no selling job for this lady. I can vouch for her analytical and verbal skills and I’m sure, today or tomorrow you’ll make it big in the Consulting industry. I wish and pray that you go higher and higher in life and get everything you can ever ask for. I remember the night we prepared for Universal Consulting together, it was fun!

P.S. Now keep reading my posts and visiting my blogs more often!Lol

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Divya said...

That was completely UNEXPECTED yet a lovely SURPRISE. I dint know my reluctance to read ur blog would make this happen. Now you really have left me wid no options to skip ur blogs :)

By the way i do not write blogs but would not miss this opportunity to point out that you have been one of the few who I feel has a similar aggression for the career as what you have described for me. I am glad we met buddy!