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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Look at Life through My Eyes...

Life is about small sacrifices that each one of us make every moment, every day. Sacrifices that initially make us a little unnerved and anxious, but eventually make life just a little bit more worth living. Sacrifice that we otherwise in a more regular way call compromise.

There's one school of thought that preaches, life is just another name for compromise. One has to compromise on different things in different circumstances, and that is the law of nature. While on the other hand, the modern society, the so-called more upbeat and westernised gen-Y loves to believe compromise is a thing of the past and takes pride in living life on their own terms. I'm little torn between the two thoughts for I certainly cannot compromise on everything but when it comes to my dear-ones, I can certainly compromise on anything.

I am sure many of us have faced situations in life which left them puzzled and torn. Umm...say you've a lunch date with your soo beautiful girlfriend, then suddenly you remember it's your granny's birthday. Would you not leave that plan behind and rather spend a lovely afternoon with your granny! Say you've a very prestigious and lucrative job and suddenly your husband gets a better employment in another country, would you not leave your job and be a part of his happiness!! Say, you are enjoying a wonderful life with your wife and kid in another city but your parents who are aging wants you to come back to them, would you not go back even if it means less fun and less money!!

Yes, compromise it is! It comes with a lot of arguments and counter arguments but one thing it surely does is, it leaves a smile on everyone's face. Small little things of ours that we give up for the sake of others, makes life brighter and beautiful.

Let's move away from emotions and look at life from another prism. Where do we stand today in terms of restoring the ecological balance and world peace! World GDP is rising, inflationary trends are more controlled, employment opportunities are on the rise, nations are opening up their economies to the world, enough of macro-economic indicators reflect that world over the last few decades, has become a better place to live in. But the numbers to capture the other side of the story. The story that links up man's quest for power, wealth and refusal to compromise.

The kind of terrorism that lulls over us today was unknown in the primitive world where man was naive and selfless. It also makes me think that the catastrophe of natural calamities the world is facing today is also an outcome of our refusal to compromise.

Life is a blessing, a gift of God. Let's treasure it and make it beautiful for us and for all. Let's not regret, not curse any. Let's love life for what it is. Let's do what it takes to make it worth living, compromise be it!

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Gargi Majumdar said...

Thanks Sanjeev! Great to know that you liked my thoughts and take on life. :)