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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Food for Thought...

They did it in style, created history and made every Indian proud of himself. The spectacular win has left all spellbound and made it impossible to praise the team enough. A win at home, chasing the highest ever total of a world cup final, recovering after the loss of the two biggies, and a stunning six as the victory shot, they did it all to make it a big event and a moment in the history India. But hold on, is the World Cup win big enough for the men of authority in the nation to go irrational. ‘Netas’ of our country within seconds decided to reward the cricketers with cash and plots of land. Was the prize money not enough for the players that the Government decided to part with the taxpayer’s money at its own fancy?

While Sheila Dixit announced a crore rupees for the Delhi players, Maharashtra government promised the same for their men, and the Karnataka Government assured a plot to each team member. This act of the Government officials provokes only one question in my mind, ‘Are you paying it from your own pocket?’ The answer is an obvious no! If they had to draw cheques on their Swiss accounts, I’m sure they would have spared a moment to do up their finances. It doesn’t hurt to spend or squander someone else’s hard earned money.
It’s a shame on the Indian Government. A country where around 37% of the population is below the poverty line, farmers in and around AP and various other states in the country are committing suicide for land issues, millions of people in West Bengal have turned the footpaths into their abode, pre-natal deaths still occur due to medical negligence in states of Bihar and UP, do we have surplus wealth to shower on people. If yes why not take up these challenges, utilize the money rationally and make India a little bit cleaner and healthier. The Indian democracy was created with a vision to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots but on the contrary it has played a big role in actually widening the gap. I wish the GoI was a wee bit more responsible and foresighted. I believe running a Government is not the job of an emotionally weak person and our ‘netas’ have proved themselves to excel in that. They have failed miserable at the test of integrity and faith.
What came as even more surprising is the fact that much of the money promised by the ‘netas’ is going to come from the state education budget. I’m lost for words! Aren’t you! The people who shoulder the responsibility to make a brighter future and a better nation are playing with the money allotted for something as pious as education. Are these ‘netas’ thick skinned or dumb-head! With the election nearing, I wish the All Mighty inculcates in them value and integrity. At this point in time if the Indian cricketers deny the loving gifts of the ‘netas’, it will be a bigger victory for India and the youth.

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