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Sunday, July 3, 2011

La la laa laaaaa...

Feeling blue, bored, babbled!!! The age old therapy still continues to do wonders!

Soak yourself in music for hours till you're completely drenched in it. Music does wonders to me! It makes me feel good, loved, happy and much more. I am sure it does similar wonders to many. It lifts up the spirit making you feel perked up and years younger.

Good music can release one from the tyranny of conscious thoughts. It speaks a thousand words. But it makes the ultimate powerful combination when combined with meaningful lyrics.

Lyrics reminds me of a hundred songs I've grown up listening to. The ones from 'Sound of Music' are the undisputed winners. 'These are a few of my favourite things', 'So long farewell', 'Do-Re-Mi', or be it 'I am 16 going on 17, I know that i'm naive', are few of those songs that bring back fond and happy memories of school.

Music also reminds me of the christmas songs and the ones learnt in school. Then came the high school years of Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Spice Girls and Bollywood freaky numbers. From here on, bollywood chartbusters remained a constant favourite. In college, I discovered my love for a greater variety of music. I started listening to more of Evanescence, Ronan Keating, Air Supply and the like. I also always loved to listen to Indian classical and ghazals. In post-grads, I developed liking for the typical Punjabi numbers, not much for lyrics but certainly for the tempo and enthusiam that the songs exude.

Oh did I forget to mention about my everlasting love for one lady called Celine Dion!! I completely admire her and I wish I could sing even a bit like her.

I wish...

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Rachit said...

Music has this peculiar medicinal value to heal wounds and kill loneliness. :)

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