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Friday, March 25, 2011

To My Friends

'Friendship is a golden knot that ties two hearts together and if you do not break the knot, you're friends forever'. This is just one of those innumerable quotes I used to scribble on the greeting cards for my friends decades ago. Today when I look back, I realise the knot that I used to so casually and confidently boast about as a child, is really a fragile one. I made many friends, in every phase of life, but not many could I hold onto. At times I lost friends for some reason I guess unknown to both of us, and then I lost friends for my own negligence.

In school I had an amazing gang of girls, we used to hang around, party and play together. Three of us actually formed a formal gang and called it TSG girls team. We did all sorts of crazy stuff like enacting poems, making sanctuary passes, and much more. Not that I've lost them but life has put miles between us. Miss you T & S and those crazy days of fun. I also got my bestest friend in school. Surprisingly we also happened to look similar. I did wrong to her, but it's never too late to accept it and make up. I love you D.

In high school, I got S as my closest buddy. We used to go to the gym together, hog together, and have mad fun in whatever way possible. Today I want to rewind and live those days again with S. Another S, a lawyer by profession, a very docile, innocent, and beautiful looking girl. Even today I know I can just pick up the phone, key in her number and go on talking endlessly. That's what makes our friendship stand out, ain't it.

Three years of college was more of anything but college. My close friends happened to be a new S and a new T. This phase of life today seems to be the fastest of all and today I have no communication with my the then best pals of college. How I wish I could have everyone forever with me.

Moving on, post-grad again offered me a bundle of new friends. I always believe in having few but the best. My friends defined life for me. We proudly called ourselves family, a bunch of good 10-12 people. Over the years, the family got restructured, some always remained, while some made quick others made slow exit, and some joined afresh. At the end of 2years, it seems it was the best that could have happened. I have friends who are selflessly mine. I know they are just a call away. We might not talk for days, but when we do, we connect.

Life has changed beyond the campus and it will never be the same again. The one thing I want to remain constant in my life, is my friends. I hope I'll never lose you guys. I might not be right always, I might falter, but that shouldn't weaken the bond between us. I love you all!

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Rosy said...

luv u tooo....seems like u hav stolen my thoughts in dis blog...dis is exactly wat i feel. "inception" kinda of thing is psbl i guess...stealin of thots :P