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Saturday, March 26, 2011

In India it is 'C' for Cricket not Cat!

Cricket World Cup, the most awaited event for the cricket playing nations of the world, imagine what it can do to India, where people eat, sleep and drink cricket. India has been and will always be a cricket fanatic nation with people worshiping both the game and the players. But one thing I fail to fathom is the men and cricket connection. To me it looks like one of those umbilical cord relationships. I've seen men swearing by the game. Even the most serious man at work would keep checking the scores on the Internet every moment. The ever so techie urban men also become utterly superstitious. So much so that if lifting of their right arm suddenly and a sixer or a wicket for India coincide at the same mini-second, they can keep that arm in the air for hours in the hope of another six or a wicket.

To capture the enthusiasm of Indians in words is hell of a task. There are days of unofficial holiday when work ceases in offices and factories, the streets witness no motion. Be it the shops around the corners of the street, the latest shopping mall, the plush lounge bar, the spectacle everywhere is the same, a TV screen small, big or huge with numerous eyeballs fixed on it. A sudden feeling of brotherhood creeps into everyone. Even someone like me who doesn't bother to follow even a critical match very closely, can make out every moment of it from a closed room by the sound of yelling, hooting, cheering and sighing that goes on around and the bursting of fire crackers confirm that we have won!

Now that India has made it to the semi-finals of the CWC 2011 after a spectacular match against the Aussies, the entire nation is geared up for even a bigger play with Pakistan. I won't be surprised if the GoI declares a holiday on 30th March! Lol.


Rosy said...

i am desperately waitin for wednesdayyyyy :D

tApAn said...


You know what!
This time it's gonna be even more interesting.... The scene would be something like this:
Boss has scheduled to go for match in some multiplex, Jr. has planning to enjoy match with friends, colleagues would be tensed for the same reasons..... & the most horrible man is the HoD..... coz it's MARCH END..... ;P

rajat said...

Haha...Superb! 30th can certainly be an exception!

Gargi Majumdar said...

@Rosie: So am I sweetheart! :)

@Tapan: could have not got any better for a India-Pakistan match!! HoD bhi bolega bhar mn jaye targetttss :)

@Rajat: Get well soon not for work but u know what! :)