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Friday, March 4, 2011

Change is the Only Constant!

No I'm not trying to delve into what Heraclitus had said thousands of years ago. It's long that everyone has accepted it as a fact for their own good!! Umm...the truth is I couldn't think of a better title for this post.

When I used to be a small kid, in my free time I used to make scrap books, and little things of crafts like puzzle pieces, photo frames, mats and many more. I also used to take lessons of Classical music and whenever free I would stretch my vocals cords. That is not all, as a kid, I used to go for French classes, Yoga, Karate, Painting, Table Tennis, and Bharatnatyam. Sounds like quite a versatile kid, eh! However, one thing I always enjoyed doing was using my imagination to make things out of scrap or waste.

My interests became a little diverse with age, and I started taking keen interest in chatting up, gossiping, and partying with friends. One day it would be cooking party, and on the other it would be an end-of-exam party. We never had any dearth of ideas to have fun!! Reciting poems and enacting them or be it making sanctuary passes for our girl's team, we always had so much to do!

In high school my interest further shifted to material comforts, sms'ing' friends,decking up, going to the gym and yess eating. It was during this time I fell in love with the idea of 'live to eat'. I would hog with my friends every now and then. I started enjoying non-sense talk and would also indulge in them like a pro.

Now I was a grown up lady, new into college and like any of my counterparts, I fell in love with the idea of shopping. Shopping emerged to be the new found religion for me. Occasion-no occasion, money-no money, class-no class, morning or night, somebody had to just utter the word and I would happily tag along. It was during this time that I developed an intense curiosity for cooking as well. I would bring out whatever is there in the refrigerator and cut, chop, beat, fry, or bake them to make something edible.

Suddenly I started doing more serious stuff, I started working! Surprisingly my interests didn't change much in this phase. Shopping fever just grew more intense, now that I had more money. Apart from this, I would spend the later part of my days either reading or blogging. I started reading more of non-fiction and biographies. Soon I realised I had to do something bigger.

I landed up in one of the better b-schools of India. Life changed, but for good. Moved out of home, far far away from family. It was difficult, but not just for me. It was difficult for everyone, for I had classmates who were 3 years elder as well as 3 years younger to me. In a b-school, hobbies got redefined. The only two things kind of remained constant were 'eating' and 'shopping'.

The newest thing that happened to me was, I was bitten by the movie bug and became faithful to the most perfect of all lazy hobbies, watching movies (courtesy two very special people). One would arrange the best movies, for he has seen all of it, and the other would make me sit through an entire movie and make me watch every scene, for she is also extremely fond of movies (read: good movies).

Two years back I could not imagine myself sitting in front of the laptop glued to the screen watching a movie. Things are mighty changed now. Movies have opened up a new world to me. I marvel at the kind of things that are to be seen, the level of imagination of the West, the actors for how they get into the soul of the character they play!! I am inspired and thrilled to the hilt.

I am enjoying this change of hobby, be it a lazy one!! :)


Debolina said...

It is beautiful journey of your mind that you have portrayed here. Made me think of how my life has changed over the years. Inspired to write something similar. Keep posting, will love to keep reading. :)

Rosy said...

luvd dis post of is v dynamic..things hav changed a lot ovr d wat matters is the learning part...n i gues u hav learnt a lot from ur two v v v v special frns (n cute tooooooo)

Gargi Majumdar said...

@Debbie: Thanks a lot!! :)

@ Rosie: yea :P :) thankss for liking my posts!!