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Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Start!!

I thought I lost it...

It was one of the most prized possessions I thought I could ever have. I had spent sleepless nights working on it, putting up plug-ins, changing the themes and layouts till it reflected my true being. Playing around with my blog used to be my favourite pastime. I let all my emotions (read: mostly anger) flow on the little lifeless piece.

It's not that I was/am a terrific writer, it was more about an expedition to explore something new, do something I never did before. Even before I realised, it became my way of life. Whenever I wanted to think aloud, I blogged. Whenever something surprising or unusual happened to me, I blogged. Whenever I wanted to beat up someone madly, I blogged.

Over time it evolved to be an extremely complicated activity, with the potential to challenge the split-brain theory. And yes I loved it when my friends left behind a few thoughts on my every post, I loved it when arguments would be raised on it, I loved it when the number of unique visitors increased from tens to hundreds to thousands, I just loved it.

Now I have a feeling that I'm going to love all of it, all over again!! No more searching for what is lost, no more trials of fixing what is already damaged. Here it is, once again. May be not a personal domain, but nothing less either. I am going to blog again. Yiipppiiieeee ^_^


rajat arora said...

good going ! I am so proud of you!


Great one.......... welcome back :)

Gargi Majumdar said...

@Rajat and Didibhai: Thankuu soo muchh!! :)