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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whatever ...

The day looks dull to the extent I cannot explain. I'm on a deliberate mission to do nothing, JUST nothing.I don't know I feel really tired and bored. Banks are on some weird strike; ATMs are shut and I'm out of money. Ugghhhh... If this makes you feel like as if I'm a fat ass who does nothing but warms the chair for a good 8-9 hours in office, well then you're grossly wrong. This day is different and of course I mean in a bad way. Some papers on the table, an open file, a writing pad, the desk phone, oh God literally everything seem to be staring at me! What I need right now is to listen to some good music and relax, which I cannot being stuck in office. How I hate this! And guess what, my cubicle is right infront of my boss's cabin. Can somebody show some mercy on me?!?!?

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